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The pages on this site are optimized for online reading. They don’t print very well. Since many people prefer to read text printed on paper, all the information on this web site is now available as a downloadable PDF file.

Before you download the PDF, please make a donation to support this site first. If you donate 8.49 euro or more, you will be able to download the PDF instantly.

The PDF comes in two versions. One version is formatted for easy printing on ordinary letter-sized or A4 paper. The text spans about 300 pages. The other version is formatted on a smaller paper size but with the same font size for easy reading on tablets and e-readers with small screens. This version spans 400 pages. Compared with the cost of a typical paperback on regular expressions, 8.49 euro for what is arguably the world’s most comprehensive tutorial and reference on regular expressions is certainly a bargain.

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