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Welcome to Regular-Expressions.info
The Premier website about Regular Expressions

On this site, you can find everything you need to know about regular expressions:

About The Author

Jan Goyvaerts is Chief Software Designer at his own software company Just Great Software. Just Great Software develops and publishes various software packages including PowerGREP, RegexBuddy, RegexMagic and EditPad Pro.

PowerGREP is a knowledge worker’s Swiss army knife for searching through, filtering and retrieving information from piles of files using regular expressions. RegexBuddy is your perfect assistant for working with regular expressions, making it easy to create, test and save regexes. RegexMagic allows you to generate regular expressions using powerful RegexMagic patterns, without using the cryptic regex syntax at all. EditPad Pro is a popular text editor with particularly strong support for regular expressions.

Jan Goyvaerts

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Feel free to use the form below to send the author your feedback about this site. If you found any errors on the site, feel something is not explained clearly, or if you know of an important regex-related topic not discussed here, please let him know. He tries to reply to inquiries as time allows.

Note that this is not a place to request technical support with regular expressions or any regex-related product. If you have a problem with PowerGREP, RegexBuddy, RegexMagic, or EditPad Pro, please use the appropriate technical support contact addresses.

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